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Let’s talk about picturesque Błatnia mountain

Located on the track of The Loop, Błatnia is a place that’s known and well-liked, but not visited as often as higher mountains in its surroundings. When crossing The Loop it is worth stopping there to rest and enjoy the beauty of picturesque mountain landscapes.

Błatnia is located at 917 m a.s.l. with a broad mountain landscape

The mountain peak is located on the ridge leading to the west (as well as north-west) from Klimczok. If we add that only the mountains surrounding Klimczok exceed 1000 m a.s.l., it turns out that the topography is really in favor of the views from the top. Błatnia is located in such a way, that being 917 m a.s.l. there are no mountains much higher than it in its direct proximity, whether you look south, west or north. When looking in these directions the taller mountains appear at a distance of a few kilometers. Therefore the perspective is very benevolent to us, which allows us to observe almost 140 km of distance looking forward, mainly in the area of the Eastern Sudetes.

Hala Błatnia is like an extensive viewpoint

History treated Błatnia and its surroundings very kindly. Throughout centuries northern slopes of the Silesian Beskids were an anchor of the initial lower montane forest, while at the ridge the Vlach located their chalets. In that way, the area from Stołowa slopes, through Błatnia up to the entire ridge of Cisowe was used for pastoral farming, that the alpine tundra is a visible sign of today.
Hala Błatnia touches the peak of the mountain, which is characteristic today due to the well. Views from Błatnia can be admired comfortably from the ground, while laying in grass and listening to waving grasses. A few bent by the wind beeches diversify the landscape and on hot days its shade gives phenomenal conditions for relaxing. There is no need for a viewing tower or any kind of platform, the alpine tundra itself is a beautiful natural viewpoint.

On Błatnia there is also a mountain hostel

The Loop leads through the alpine tundra, thanks to that as we walk out of the forest we can look at the extensive landscapes with every step we take. The views, despite not being as far away as from the peak, can also be contemplated from the dining room of mountain hostel on Błatnia. The building is located a little below the peak (at 891 m a.s.l.) and was created in 1926. Almost a hundred-year-old dining room has a nice tourist vibe, and the meals eaten there taste delicious. The mountain hostel on Błatnia can therefore be treated equally as a gastronomical area, and as an accommodation on the track of The Loop.

The Loop is freedom of choice, and there are many trails to Błatnia

By choosing The Loop you have a choice whether you cross the trail all at once, you divide it into sections, or do one day trips to the important points. By planning to go onto Błatnia you can pick trails going from/to Bielsko-Biała, Brenna, Skoczów and Jaworze.

Photos by Radosław Szczepanek

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