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Hostel Leskowiec

The height of Leskowiec is 922 m. It is the third highest mountain of the Little Beskids. It constitutes a perfect vantage point – the best in the Little Beskids and one of the best in the Beskids – offering views of the Żywiec Beskids, the Maków Beskids, the Island Beskids, the Gorce Mountains, the Tatras, and the Wieliczka Foothills. Leskowiec is intersected by the Small Beskids Trail – a 137-km-long tourist trail running from Straconka in Bielsko-Biała to Luboń Wielki in the Island Beskids. On the peak of Leskowiec there is a wooden cross, founded in 2000, and a canopy. Interestingly enough, the hostel itself – despite its name – is not situated on Leskowiec, but on John Paul II Mountain. This peak used to be called Jaworzyna; however, due to frequent visits of the pope its name has been changed. In 1995 a chapel and a steel cross commemorating “mountain people” were erected. On 15 July 2001 next to the chapel a consecration ceremony of the statue of St. John Paul II and of a jubilee bell was held. The hostel offers 32 beds in five 3- to 9-bedrooms, a buffet and two dining rooms, homemade food, as well as organisation of summer and winter camps and New Year’s Eve parties. In the vicinity of the facility there are also ski lifts and ski trails, perfect for cross country skiing.

880 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 32

Buffet: 8.00-20.00

You can't pay with a card

Dogs are not allowed


  • The Mountain Shrine of Mother of God Queen of the Mountains and the statue of St. John Paul II on John Paul II Mountain.
  • Komoniecki Cave and Dusica Waterfall – an easily accessible cave of the total surface area ca. 115 m2 and a nearby few-meter-high waterfall.
  • Stone tablets on which former owners of Leskowiec ordered to carve imprints of their feet and coats of arms. The tablets were broken and scattered by shepherds. Today they can be seen near the hostel.
  • Museum in the mansion in Gorzeń Górny devoted to Emil Zegadłowicz – writer and founder of the poetic group “Czartak”.


czarny from Rzyki – 1 h 25´

niebieski from Tarnawa Górna – 2 h

czerwony from Krzeszów – 2 h 10´

żółty from Krzeszów Dolny – 2 h 15´

zielony from Świnna Poręba – 2 h 50´

żółty from Czartak – 3 h 15´

niebieski from Wadowice – 4 h 30´

niebieski czerwony from Kocoń – 3 h 30´

zielony from Andrychów – 5 h



  • The Kocierska pass through Potrójna – red trail – 3 h 45´
  • Kocierz Rychwałdzki through Łamana Skała – red trail, subsequently green trail – 4 h 45´