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Hostel on Klimczok

Contrary to its name, the hostel is not located on Klimczok, but on the slope of Magura, an adjacent mountain. Its beginnings reach back to 1872, when a small wooden hostel was erected and named Klementynówka, from the first name of the owner of the Łodygowice estate, Klementyna von Primavesi. In 1893 the facility was taken over by the German tourist society Beskidenverein and extended, and two years later it burnt down. The current building was put into use in 1914. The facility offers 38 beds in nine ensuite rooms, traditional homemade food, a little shop with souvenirs, a volleyball court, a ping-pong table, a playground, a fire ring, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. In winter snowmobile and sleigh rides can be organised, and in summer – off-road car drives are available. In the vicinity of the hostel there is a 500-metre-long ski lift, the building of the Mountain Volunteer Search and Rescue Service is not far away, as well. Interestingly enough, in 1930s a swimming pool and a tourist hostel “Magura-Kąpielisko” were built on the other side of Magura. In 1945, when the slopes of Magura were attacked by Soviet troops, the building of the hotel was hit and burnt down to the ground.

Klimczok marks the beginning of the Białka creek (the source of the Biała river, a historical border of the Cieszyn Silesia and Małopolska), which sources are located right by the green trail. The peak (1117 m) is intersected by the administrative border of Bielsko-Biała, hence it is also the highest point of the town. In the pass between Klimczok and Magura, there is a crossing of hiking trails to Szczyrk, Bystra, to the Karkoszczonka pass, Szyndzielnia, and Błatnia.

1034 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 38

Buffet: 8.00-20.00

You can't pay with a card

Dogs are not allowed


  • Huge collection of rocks from mountains from different parts of the world in the garden by the Cottage on Klimczok.
  • Cave in Trzy Kopce discovered by Aleksander Jasiewicz in 1946.
  • Ruins of the former swimming pool and hostel on Magura.
  • 6-person gondola lift from Bielsko-Biała Olszówka to Szyndzielnia.
  • Shrine of Our Lady on the Hill in Szczyrk.


czerwony niebieski from Bystra Śląska – 2 h

niebieski from Szczyrk – 2 h

czerwony from Bystra Śląska through Magura – 2 h 20´

żółty czerwony niebieski from Brenna – 2 h 30´

czerwony from Bielsko-Biała (Car Park under Dębowiec) through Dębowiec and Szyndzielnia – 3 h


  • PTTK Hostel on Szyndzielnia  – blue trail to Saddle under Klimczok, subsequently red trail – 0 h 45´
  • PTTK Hostel on Błatnia – blue trail and black trail to the peak of Klimczok, subsequently yellow trail – 1 h 30´
  • The Salmopolska pass through Uncle Tom’s Cabin  – red trail – 3 h 30´