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Hostel on Rysianka

The hostel situated on the Rysianka Meadow [Hala Rysianka] in the Romanka and Lipowski Wierch Group attracts crowds of tourists all year round. Rysianka is a keystone of three ridges. Through the eastern ridge via an unnamed pass it is connected to Trzy Kopce in the Pilsko Group. To the north, through the Pawlusia Pass, there is the ridge of Romanka leading away from Rysianka. Towards the south-west, the ridge leads to Redykalny Wierch. Rysianka rises above three valleys – along the creeks of Żabnica, Bystra, and Sopotnia. On the northern slopes of the pass, between Rysianka and Trzy Kopce, the “Pod Rysianką” Nature Reserve has been established. The peak is not only a destination of walks and an excellent starting point for further excursions all year long, but it is also an interesting spot for skiing fans. Tourists can use the ski lift operating here, with a 500-metre-long groomed ski trail. Furthermore, the hostel runs a ski-touring equipment rental.

The hostel consists of two buildings: the main one, and a little cabin called “Betlejemka” [the Bethlehemian]. The facility can accommodate up to 50 visitors, in 2- to 10-bed rooms. The local buffet serves delicious homemade food. Next to the hostel there is a volleyball and basketball court, a campsite, and a campfire. The Highlander Cottage provides space for private parties for up to 50 persons. It is also possible to order a folk band, which will spice up the event.

1230 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 50

Buffet: 8.00-20.00

You can pay with a card

Dogs are allowed

PTTK Mountain Hostel “Rysianka”
34-371 Ujsoły

33 861 23 49



  • Waterfall in Sopotnia Wielka – the biggest waterfall in the Beskids.
  • Ruins of furnaces of old 19th-century glassworks in the Złatna valley, near the trail from Złatna Huta.


czarny from Złatna Huta – 1 h 50´

zielony from Żabnica Skałka – 2 h 45´

niebieski from Sopotnia Wielka – 2 h 40´

niebieski żółty from Sopotnia Mała – 4 h

zielony from Milówka – 4 h 15´

żółty from Rajcza – 4 h 15´

czerwony from the Glinne Pass – 4 h 30´

czerwony from Węgierska Górka – 6 h


  • PTTK Hostel on the Lipowska Meadow  – blue, green, and yellow trail – 0 h 15´
  • Tourist Station on Słowianka through the Pawlusia Pass – red trail – 2 h 15´
  • PTTK Hostel on the Boracza Meadow  through Redykalny Wierch – yellow trail to the Redykalna Meadow, subsequently black and green trail– 1 h 45´
  • PTTK Hostel on the Miziowa Meadow  – red trail – 2 h 15´
  • PTTK Mountain Hut on Krawców Wierch – black trail to the Złotnice Forest, subsequently yellow trail, border blue trail, and then yellow trail towards the mountain hut on Krawców Wierch – 2 h 40´