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Hostel on the Boracza Meadow

The Boracza Meadow is located in the Żywiec Beskids in the Romanka and Lipowski Wierch Group, on a mountain pass at the altitude of ca. 850 m, where three mountain ridges meet: leading from Prusów, Sucha Góra, and Redykalny Wierch. The meadow is a good vantage point, offering a view of the Romanka and Lipowski Wierch Group, Sucha Góra, as well as the valleys of the Żabnica River and the Soła River. In its vicinity, there is a junction of six tourist trails, which lead to the hostels on the Lipowska Meadow and Rysianka. There are several possibilities of reaching this destination via tourist trails, one of them being an asphalt road from Żabnica Skałka. When hiking to the Boracza Meadow along the trail from Milówka, it is worth stopping by at the waterfall on the Milowski Creek. In the vicinity of the hostel, there is also a cave in Boracza – probably the best known cave of the Żywiec Beskids.

The hostel is open all year round and offers 34 beds in 2-, 4-, and 10-bed rooms. The local kitchen serves

regional dishes, and it is particularly famous for its blueberry buns. Visitors can avail themselves with a large dining room, or a common room, as well as a free WiFi access. The offer of the hostel includes organisation of functions and events, sports gear rental with cross-country skis and pontoons, and sleigh rides and snowtubing – pontoon rides in winter. Numerous events are organised in the Boracza Meadow, such as e.g. Łossod (traditional event marking the end of sheep grazing), the “Wierchowe Granie” Festival (highland music festival), “Moje silne drzewo” (My Strong Tree) event, and “Bieg Gazdy” – Gazda’s Run [“gazda” – farmer in the mountains].

854 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 34

Buffet: 8.00-20.00

You can pay with a card

Dogs are allowed

PTTK Hostel on the Boracza Meadow
Żabnica, ul. Boracza 22
34-350 Węgierska Górka

33 862 67 32




  • Waterfall on the Milowski Creek at the trail from Milówka to the Boracza Meadow.
  • Shepherds’ huts and sheep pens in the Redykalna Meadow.
  • Cave in Boracza at the slope of Redykalny Wierch.
  • “Wędrowiec” Bunker in Węgierska Górka – exhibition presenting the Polish defence in 1939, the so-called “Westerplatte of the South”.
  • “Stara Chałupa” Museum [Old Cottage] in Milówka – ethnographic exhibition presenting the old ways of life of Żywiec Highlanders.


czarny from Żabnica Skałki – 1 h 10´

zielony from the Lipowska Meadow – 1 h 30´

zielony from Milówka – 2 h 15´

niebieski from Węgierska Górka through Prusów – 3 h

niebieski from Rajcza – 3 h

żółty czarny from Rajcza through the Redykalna Meadow – 4 h


  • PTTK Hostel on the Lipowska Meadow  – green trail – 2 h
  • PTTK Hostel on Rysianka  – green trail – 2 h 15´
  • PTTK Hostel on Rysianka through Redykalny Wierch – green trail, subsequently black trail to the Redykalna Meadow, then yellow trail – 2 h 45´