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Hostel on the Lipowska Meadow

Located several hundred metres to the east from the peak of Lipowski Wierch, the hostel on the Lipowska Meadow is an excellent place for all forms of leisure – from various sports to all sorts of parties and events. It constitutes a perfect starting point for hiking, running, or horse riding trips, as well as for winter sports. There are two ski lifts in the direct vicinity of the hostel. The local conditions are very good for ski-touring, cross country skiing, or even free-ride skiing.

The hostel is hosted by a three-generation family, taking care of this place since 1969. The facility offers 48 beds in 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, 7-, 8, and 10-bed rooms and a campsite with a campfire. Children can have fun on the nearby playground. Visitors can also use a Finnish sauna. What is definitely worth mentioning is the local cuisine, with home-made traditional pierogi, pancakes, and highlander sauerkraut soup [polish: kwaśnica]. There is a possibility of transporting tourists and their luggage from Złatna Huta.

The facility hosts numerous events and parties, e.g. “HOLA” – a quiet meeting with sheep. The first edition of the meeting took place in July 2019 near a pen full of sheep, located for some time in the Lipowska Meadow, and it was very popular among tourists.

1290 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 48

Buffet: 8.00 - 20.00

You can pay with a card

Dogs are allowed

PTTK Hostel on the Lipowska Meadow
Złatna 450
34-371 Ujsoły

602 605 969



  • “Lipowska” nature reserve, esta­blished in 2008, which protects the high bogland, a feature characteristic for the Żywiec Beskids.
  • Crocuses blooming in spring on the Bacmańska Meadow, the Gawłowska Meadow, the Bieguńska Meadow, and the Lipowska Meadow.
  • Section of the Main Beskids Trail with chains on the slopes of Romanka.


czarny żółty niebieski from Złatna Huta – 1 h 45´

niebieski from Sopotnia Wielka – 2 h 40´

zielony from Żabnica Skałka – 3 h

niebieski from Złatna – 3 h 25´

czarny żółty from Ujsoły – 4 h


from Rajcza (railway station) – 4 h 40´



  • PTTK Hostel on the Boracza Meadow  – green trail – 1 h 30´
  • Tourist Station „Słowianka” – blue trail to the PTTK Hostel on Rysianka, subsequently red trail – 2h
  • PTTK Hostel on the Miziowa Meadow – blue trail to the PTTK Hostel on Rysianka (page 16), subsequently red trail – 2 h 30´
  • PTTK Mountain Hut Krawców Wierch – blue trail to the Złotnice Forest, subsequently yellow trail to the Bory Orawskie pass, then blue trail to the peak of Krawców Wierch, and yellow trail towards the Mountain Hut – 2 h 35´