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Hostel Przysłop under Barania Góra

Barania Góra with the height of 1220 m above sea level is the second highest peak in the Silesian Beskids. Two out of three source streams of the Vistula river, the Czarna Wisełka stream and the Biała Wisełka stream, flow out of its western slopes. The Nature Reserve “Barania Góra” covering 386 ha, encompasses the peak parts of the mountain along with the seepage spring area of the Vistula river. Since 1897 there was a wooden hunting lodge of the Habsburgs on the Przysłop clearing in the Barania Góra massif. In 1925 the lodge started to be used as a hostel of the Polish Tatra Society, and subsequently, the Polish Tourist Society.

In 1985 it was disassembled and transferred to the centre of Wisła. Today on Przysłop you can see a gamekeeper’s lodge and an outbuilding of the old hostel. The gamekeeper’s lodge houses the “Forest Chamber”, which presents the abundance of the local fauna and flora. The outbuilding houses the Barania Góra Cultural Centre of Mountain Tourism “At the

Source of the Vistula” – a museum of the Polish Tourist Society with an exposition devoted to the history of mountain tourism in the Silesian Beskids. After the disassembly of the hunting lodge, the hostel function was taken over by a three-floor brick building from the 1970s. It offers 90 beds and a large dining room. The hostel hosts numerous events – functions and meetings of tourism fans. The facility took a high fourth place in the Mountain Hostels Ranking of the “n.p.m.” magazine.

900 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 90

Buffet: 8.00-20.00

You can pay with a card

Dogs are allowed

PTTK Hostel Przysłop under Barania Góra
ul. Czarna Wisełka 8
43-460 Wisła

33 855 37 15



  • Observation tower on the peak of Barania Góra, offering a panoramic view of the Silesian Beskids, Żywiec Beskids, and Little Beskids, the Tatras, or Little Fatra.
  • Nature trail in the Czarna Wisełka valley.
  • The Barania Góra Cultural Centre of Mountain Tourism “At the Source of the Vistula River” and the Forest Chamber on the Przysłop clearing.
  • The Rodło Cascades in the Biała Wisełka valley – a group of 16 rock thresholds on the Biała Wisełka creek.
  • The Lace Museum in Koniaków devo­ted to Maria Gwarek, a distinguished Koniaków-based lace-maker.


czarny czerwony from Wisła Czarna Wisełka – 2 h 20´

żółty niebieski from Kamesznica Górna – 2 h 20´

czerwony from the Kubalonka pass – 2 h 55´

zielony from Istebna – 3 h 10´

niebieski from Wisła Czarne through Barania Góra – 3 h 40´


  • The peak of Barania Góra – red trail, blue trail, and green trail – 1 h
  • Hostel on Stecówka – red trail – 1 h
  • PTTK Hostel on Skrzyczne – red trail through Barania Góra to Magurka Wiślańska, subsequently green trail through Malinowska Skała – 4 h 20´