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Hrobacza Łąka

The peak of Hrobacza Łąka is very recognizable thanks to the 35-meters Cross of the Third Millennium, that lit up at night towers over the surrounding towns. Right under the cross there is a viewing platform with beautiful views of Kozy and Bielsko-Biała. Around 50 meters below the cross there is a wooden mountain hostel. Built by Beskidenverein in 1935, initially run by the Dworzak family. Despite the fact that during World War Two the Dworzaks signed the Volkslist and the hostel was often visited by German soldiers, they managed to hide a Jewish girl and some Cossack’s paintings from the occupants, and also help a Soviet paratrooper.

In 2017 the facility burned down, but thanks to big support of mountain lovers the hostel was soon rebuilt and it currently offers ten sleeping places and a buffet. The hostel is a private property.

Hrobacza Łąka is not a demanding mountain, it is perfect for a long walk and that’s probably why it is a well-liked destination for family trips. An indisputable asset of Hrobacza Łąka are the wonderful views, from a glade right by the hostel one can observe a beautiful landscape of the Little and Żywiec Beskids as well as Międzybrodzkie Lake, and with good visibility even the Tatras.

The name is a trouble of orthographic nature, as it can be spelled in two different ways. Its historical version is ‘Hrobacza Łąka’, but when in 1980 ‘List of Official Names of Towns in Poland’ was established, the name ‘Chrobacza Łąka’ was introduced as the official name in some places.

828 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 10

Summer: 8.00 - till dusk
Off-season: 10.00-20.00

You can't pay with a card

Dogs are allowed

Hrobacza Łąka Mountain Hostel
Alojzy Konior 122 Street
34-312 Międzybrodzie Bialskie

604 628 643


  • Międzybrodzkie Lake with a broad water and recreational infrastructure
  • Cable car to Góra Żar, where a water reservoir with a pumped hydroelectric energy storage is located
  • Small lake in a quarry in Kozy, a perfect place for a picnic
  • Amphitheater and a wooden forester’s lodge from 1884, designed in alpine style by Emanuel Rost in Lipnik
  • Ruins of brigandism castle Wołek, where brigandess Katarzyna Skrzyńska allegedly lived


żółty From Kozy – 2 h 15´

czarny From Bielsko-Biała Lipnik – 1 h 50´

niebieski czerwony From Bielsko-Biała Lipnik -2 h 35´

czerwony From Bielsko-Biała Straconka – 2 h 40´

niebieski czerwony From Przegibek pass – 1 h 55´

żółty From Żarnówka Mała – 1 h 55´

czerwony From Żarnówka Mała – 2h 05´


  • Mount Magórka Wilkowicka hostel – red trail to Gaiki, then a blue trail – 2h 40´
  • Leskowiec Mountain Hostel – red trail, through the Small Beskid Trail – 10h