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Mountain Hut on Krawców Wierch

Krawców Wierch is located in the Pilsko Group, within the perimeter of the Żywiec Landscape Park, between the peaks of Jaworzyna and Gruba Buczyna. This ridge marks the Polish-Slovak border, as well as the European watershed. The top offers a panorama on Worek Raczański and the Little Fatra, and further of the Silesian Beskids and the Silesian-Moravian Beskids. From the north the view is closed with the Romanka and Lipowski Wierch Group.

The mountain hut on Krawców Wierch came into being in 1975-1976 thanks to the efforts of the Polish Tourist Society (PTTK) activists gathered around Edward Moskała – the initiator of the project consisting in the construction of a chain of mountain shelters in the Polish part of the Carpathians. It is situated at the altitude of 1025 m on the Krawcula Meadow [Hala Krawcula] beneath Krawców Wierch. Originally, it was supposed to be built on the top clearing of Muńcoł; however, due to hydrological issues the location was changed. Krawców Wierch is surrounded by scenic routes – 160 kilometres of hiking trails, ski runs, and cycling routes planned taking into account the scenery, comfort, and logistics of moving around. The hut offers accommodation in 2-, 3-, 4-, and 10-bed rooms. Visitors can avail themselves with a kitchen serving local dishes and a dining room for 30 people, with a fireplace. At a distance of only 50 metres from the shelter, there is also an atmospheric hunter’s hut, with 8 beds. In the vicinity there is a cross commemorating St. John Paul II. It is the last station of the Stations of the Cross along the yellow trail leading to Krawców Wierch from Glinka.

1025 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 29

Buffet: 8.00 - 20.00

You can't pay with a card

Dogs are allowed


  • Scenic routes around Krawców Wierch – 160 kilometres specially planned hiking trails, cycling routes, and ski runs.
  • Geo-Park Glinka in Ujsoły with swim­ming pools, a climbing wall, a zip line, a rope park, and other attractions.


niebieski from the Glinka Pass – 0 h 45´

niebieski from Złatna – 1 h 50´

żółty from Glinka – 1 h 50´


  • PTTK Hostel Rysianka – yellow trail, subsequently blue trail to the Bory Orawskie Pass, yellow trail to the Złotnice Forest, and further on black trail – 3 h
  • PTTK Hostel Lipowska Meadow – yellow trail, subsequently blue trail to the Bory Orawskie pass. Then yellow trail to the fork with the blue trail, and blue trail to the Lipowska Meadow – 3 h
  • Miziowa Meadow – yellow trail, subsequently blue trail to the Cebulowa Meadow, then red trail – 4 h 15´