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Mountain Hut on Rycerzowa

The hut is located within the perimeter of the Żywiec Landscape Park, beneath the Halna Pass, between Wielka Rycerzowa and Mała Rycerzowa. It was built in the 1970s as the first of a series of small tourist shelters designed by Stanisław Karpiel from Zakopane. Besides the basement, the entire building is made of wood beams, using traditional construction methods. Rycerzowa offers an impressive panorama, comprising of the range with Lipowski Wierch and Rysianka, the massif of Pilsko and Babia Góra, the Tatras, Podhale, as well as the Low Tatras and the Little Fatra in Slovakia. From the Halna Pass, located only a 3 minutes’ walk from the hut, one can additionally see the area of the Silesian Beskids, mountain ridges located in Czechia, and – if visibility is good enough – the Gorce Mountains and the Island Beskids.

The facility can accommodate 32 visitors in 2-, 3-, 5-, and 10-bed rooms. Visitors can also use a dining room with a fireplace and comprehensive sanitary facilities. The hut hosts various parties, as well as events addressed specifically to fans of mountain tourism. In summer, you can come across a shepherd with his sheep on the nearby meadow. In the vicinity of the hut, there is a junction of mountain trails. This makes the hut a good starting point for one-day trips, e.g. to the Museum of Kysuca Village situated beyond the Polish-Slovak border, to Wielka Racza, or to the nearly identical mountain hut on Krawców Wierch.

1120 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 32

Buffet: 8.00-20.00

You can't pay with a card

Dogs are not allowed

PTTK Mountain Hut on Rycerzowa
Soblówka 450
34-371 Ujsoły

606 436 036



  • Museum of Kysuca Village – a folk park in Slovakia, where visitors can see a watermill, a little church, over 100 year-old cottages furnished with old household appliances, as well as the Vychylówka narrow-gauge forest railway.
  • “Zbójeckie Piwnice” caves [Rogues’ Cellars] on Muńcoł and legends


czarny from Soblówka – 1 h 30´

żółty from Soblówka – 1 h 30´

zielony żółty from Soblówka through Przysłop – 2 h 30´

żółty from Glinka – 2 h 30´

zielony from Ujsoły – 3 h 45´

zielony niebieski from Rycerka Kolonia through Przegibek – 3 h 15´

zielony czerwony from Rycerka Kolonia through Przegibek – 3 h 15´

czerwony from Rycerka – 4 h 15´

czarny niebieski from Sól through Przegibek – 5 h 45´

czarny czerwony from Sól through Przegibek – 5 h 45´

czerwony from Zwardoń through Wielka Racza – 10 h


  • PTTK Mountain Hut on Krawców Wierch  through Glinka and Soblówka – yellow trail – 4 h 30´
  • PTTK Hostel on Wielka Racza  through Przegibek – red trail to the hostel on Przegibek, then green trail to Roztoki, and subsequently yellow trail to Wielka Racza – 4 h 45´
  • PTTK Hostel on Wielka Racza  through the Pod Orłem Pass – red trail – 4 h 50´