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Soszów Mountain Hostel

Soszów Wielki is located in the Silesian Beskids between Czantoria and Stożek, on the border between Poland and Czech Republic established in 1920. On both sides of it there are buildings of various hamlets, typical for the surrounding Vistula landscape.

It is a place known among amateurs of winter sports thanks to ski trails and lifts, leading from Jawornik valley in Wisła, that are located on its slopes. In summer months the mountain hostel is often visited by tourists crossing the Main Beskid Trail from Ustroń in the Silesian Beskids to Wołosaty in Bieszczady Mountains.
The mountain hostel was built by Paweł Polok from Wisła in 1932. During World War Two the German tourist organization Beskidenverein took over the building, and in 1947 PTT organized a tourist station there. Since 1979 the mountain hostel has been a private property.

In the hostel one can eat delicious regional meals (such as kwaśnica), drink buttermilk and buy preserves, confitures and jams, lard or sourdough for sour rye soup (żurek) made by the owners.

By the mountain hostel there are activities such as games with children’s entertainers, night of perseids, outdoor cinema and concerts of musical bands. The mountain hostel is known for its nice atmosphere, and it also cares for clean mountains, because each trash bag collected on the trails and brought to the hostel is rewarded by the owners with a coffee and cake.

790 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 33

Buffet 8.00 - 20.00

You can pay with a card

Dogs are allowed

Soszów Mountain Hostel
Soszowska 10 Street
43-460 Wisła

33 855 85 16



  • Railroad bridge in Łabajów valley, 25m tall and 122m long
  • Gallery of Adam Małysz’s trophies
  • Numerous museums in Wisła, incl. The Basked Museum in a building of a 18th century inn presenting the history and culture of the Silesian Highlanders, Museum of Skiing, Museum of Parachuting
  • Wisła’s health resort buildings
  • Habsburgs’ hunting palace in the center of Wisła moved from the Przysłop glade by Barania Góra


czerwony from Ustroń – 6 h 10´ (from the beginning of the Main Basked Trail)

czerwony from Ustroń Polana – 3 h 20´

niebieski from Wisła – 2 h 15´

zielony from Wisła – 3 h


  • Mount Równica Hostel – red trail, through the Main Beskid Trail – 4 h 20´
  • Ustroń (the end of the Main Beskid Trail) – red trail, through the Main Beskid Trail – 5 h 20´
  • Mount Stożek Hostel – red trail, through the Main Beskid Trail- 1 h 40´
  • Mount Barania Góra Hostel – red trail, through the Main Beskid Trail – 7 h