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Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Uncle Tom’s Cabin [Chata Wuja Toma] is a private hostel, very popular among tourists. It is situated right below the Karkoszczonka pass, located between Beskids (today known for the Beskid Sport Arena centre that operates there) and Trzy Kopce in the group of Klimczok and Szyndzielnia. The name of the pass derives from the word “karkosze”, which in the highlanders’ dialect means chopped spruce branches. This place is approached by two valleys: from Brenna, and from the estate of Biła in Szczyrk. Less seasoned tourists can reach a considerable altitude by car, and then make it to the cabin on foot, easily and quickly. Amateurs of a longer, but peaceful hike can set off from the Salmopolska pass taking the red trail. A small number of steep approaches is a definite advantage of this route.

The hostel is housed in an old highlander’s cottage from 1918, adapted for this purpose. In the 1970s, students from the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice opened a WKT Cottage “Trampek”.

The facility also provided support for the nearby luge track. Over time, it was taken over by a private proprietor, and it started to transform from a students’ cottage into a hostel with a buffet. Today it offers 50 beds in rooms maintained in the tourist or higher standard. Visitors can avail themselves of a large veranda, a fireplace room, and a canopy with a fire ring. In summer there is a barbecue available at weekends within the area of the cabin. Uncle Tom’s Cottage is an excellent place for rest stops during hiking trips, as well as for team building events and all sorts of functions.

724 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 49

Buffet 8.00-20.00 (the facility is closed in the off-season)

You can pay with a card

Dogs are not allowed


  • Numerous ski lifts and trails in Szczyrk, e.g. Beskid Sport Arena with Poland’s first snow storage.
  • The complex of three ski jumps Skalite in Szczyrk.
  • Mountain bike routes Enduro Trails located on the slopes of Skrzyczne, Szyndzielnia, and Kozia Góra.
  • Ruins of the hostel on Trzy Kopce.
  • Huge collection of rocks from mounta­ins from different parts of the world in the garden at the Cottage on Klimczok.


żółty from Szczyrk Biła – 0 h 25´

żółty from Szczyrk – 1 h

żółty from Brenna Bukowa – 1 h

czerwony from the Salmopolska pass – 2 h 30´


  • PTTK Hostel on Klimczok – red trail, subsequently blue trail – 1 h 15´
  • PTTK Hostel on Szyndzielnia – red trail – 1 h 50´
  • PTTK Hostel on Błatnia  through Klimczok – red trail to Saddle under Klimczok, black trail to Klimczok, and subsequently yellow trail – 2 h 40´
  • PTTK Hostel on Skrzyczne  through Szczyrk – yellow trail to Szczyrk, subsequently blue trail – 3 h 15´