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Where to pick up the map and the badge book?

Although we don’t go hiking for rewards or medals, the badge that documents completing The Loop undoubtedly is many mountain lovers’ object of desire. It will make a great adornment of any backpack, jacket or hat. So, how can one get it?

The badge will be given free of charge to anyone who completes The Loop and documents it by collecting 15 stamps from selected facilities located on the trail. Our essentials kit will certainly come in handy during collecting the stamps. It contains a map with an outline of the trail and the badge book.

A precise map and a compass are basic essentials of navigation not only in the mountains. Although online tourist maps are very convenient, traditional paper maps don’t need neither signal nor powering. That’s why in order to ensure your safety on the trail, except for generating a GPX track, we also made a map in traditional paper form.

The kit is completed by a book for collecting stamps that document finishing the trail. In there you can find a description of each facility on the route, written with an appropriate dose of humor.

Both publications are available in Polish and English and can be acquired at no charge in one of the following locations:

– tourist information center in Bielsko-Biała,

– tourist information center in Szczyrk,

– tourist information center in Żywiec,

– tourist information center in Węgierska Górka,

– bottom station of the gondola lift to Szyndzielnia,

– reception of the Szyndzielnia hotel in Bielsko-Biała,

– ’Koliba na Czantorii’,

– Mount Szyndzielnia Hostel,

– Mount Kozia Góra Hostel,

– tourist information center in Wisła,

– tourist information center in Ustroń,

– tourist information center in Brenna,

– tourist information in Katowice.


We suppose the list will grow day by day.