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O pętelce po angielsku – w oczekiwaniu na pełną wersję strony

The Loop is a complete tourist product integrated with a chain of mountain huts, entirely based on Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society’s /PTTK/ trails. It is an ambitious route that puts to use big sections of existing trails in the Żywiec, Silesian and Little Beskids. In order to complete it, one must cross almost 250 kilometers with a total elevation gain of 11.000 meters.

A characteristic feature of the loop is that, as the name indicates, the trail starts and ends in the same place. In our version it is a glade by the Dębowiec, a mountain located in Bielsko-Biała. The trail is designed based on the premise that one should be able do cross it during a two weeks long vacation and have access to neat accommodations along the way. The Loop is meant to make use of the advantages of the Żywiec, Silesian and Little Beskids and help maintain cultural and scenical heritage, which plays a remarkable role in raising new generations of mindful and responsible tourists. Creators of The Loop believe that it will make a new attractive international tourist offer and will soon join the list of well-known trails such as West Highland Way in Scotland and GR 20 in Corsica, which is considered the hardest mountain trail in Europe.

The trail was initiated by the city of Bielsko-Biała in cooperation with Local Tourist Organization the Beskids and Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society. It is comade by mountain huts located en route, regional authorities, cultural institutions, tourist organizations, local governments, associations, companies in the tourism industry and all concerned – to put it simply: mountains lovers. The Loop will undoubtedly be a great adventure and an amazing challenge for enthusiasts of hiking.

The initial trail of The Loop leads through Szyndzielnia, Klimczok, Błatnia, Brenna, Równica, Czantoria Wielka, Stożek, Kubalonka mountain pass, Barania Góra, Węgierska Górka, next to Abrahamów and Słowianki stations, through Rysianka, Hala Miziowa and Pilsko, then almost 30 kilometers to Babia Góra – to Markowe Szczawiny and station on Jaworzyna, around Babia Góra, to Zawoja and through Jałowiec to Chata Adamy, through the Folk Park in Ślemień, Chatka Gibasówka, through the Little Beskids to Międzybrodzie and Góra Żar, where an air adventure is available. The last part is crossing Soła, climbing Rogacz, Magurka and Kozia Góra and returning to Szyndzielnia – that’s how we close The Loop.