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How to get here?

A characteristic feature of the loop is that, as the name indicates, the trail starts and ends in the same place. In our version it is a glade by the Dębowiec, a mountain located within the administrative lines of Bielsko-Biała.

Bielsko-Biała is a city located at the foot of the Little and Silesian Beskids. It is one of the most interesting places in southern Poland, keenly visited by tourists. Guests are brought to the town (which is sometimes referred to as 'the small Vienna') not only by the beauty of the architecture, but also by the picturesque landscapes of the surrounding Beskids. Many tourist trails start in the city, The Loop being one of them.

Bielsko-Biała can be reached in an equally convenient way by car, train, bus, and plane.

By car

The city is located at the crossing of eternal communication routes connecting Northern Europe with the south of the continent. Being located next to the state border makes Bielsko-Biała an important trade, industrial and tourism center. Distance to Bielsko-Biała: from Warsaw: 327 km, from Cracow: 75 km, from Katowice: 54 km, from Ostrava (CZ): 87 km.

By train 

Convenient railway connections not only allow traveling around the region, but also enable longer, even international, trips by long-distance and express trains. One can quickly and comfortably travel from Warsaw to Bielsko-Biała thanks to services offered by InterCity or the Polish State Railways’ trains.
Bielsko-Biała Główna train station is located by Warszawska 2 street. Train schedule: https://rozklad-pkp.pl/en


By bus

The city has very convenient bus connections with many cities in the area, but also all around the country and even abroad. The bus station is located in Bielsko-Biała at Warszawska 7 street.

By plane

You can get to Bielsko-Biała by plane thanks to three nearly symmetrically located passenger airports: in Balice - next to Cracow, in Pyrzowice - next to Katowice and in Ostrava - close to the Polish border in Czech Republic. There is also a sports airport in Bielsko-Biała’s Aleksandrowice district, where ‘general aviation’ class planes can land.


How to pack your backpack?

The amount of things one takes to The Loop obviously depends on how long they plan to spend on the route, but also on the season they choose to go in. People who prefer not to carry too much will probably do without an additional fleece, but the ones that value their thermal comfort will probably pack some extra clothes. The list below includes things needed for an eight-day trip at the turn of winter and spring (late March-early April)

  • ● Trekking pants (medium thickness, not padded) + thin thermoactive drawers
    ● Thermoactive underwear: thick + thin
    ● Fleece jacket (as an isolating layer)
    ● Down jacket
    ● Softshell jacket
    ● Waterproof, comfortable shoes + gaiters
    ● Jacket with a membrane + raincoat
    ● Gloves + beanie + cap
    ● Underwear + socks (including one warmer pair) + buff scarf
    ● Water bag + small flask
    ● Medical kit with basic drugs + patches
    ● Crampons
    ● Toiletry bag
    ● Sunglasses + sunscreen
    ● Power bank + cell phone
    ● Trekking poles with baskets
    ● Headlamp
    ● Watch that measures walked distance and elevation gain
    ● Jack-knife
    ● For evenings spent in mountain hostels - flip flops, shorts or thin pants, t-shirt