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Chemists’ Cottage in Danielka

Danielka is a deep and long mountain valley in the very heart of Worek Raczański. It is situated between the mountain ridge with Młada Hora, Hutyrów, and Urówki on one side and Muńcoł on the other, famous for being the seat of rogues from the nearby areas. The valley ends below the hamlet Młada Hora, which consists of several highlanders’ households and a stylish wooden shrine.

The Chemists’ Cottage is an old highlander’s house. It is not a typical mountain hostel and it functions according to the rules of a students’ cottage. It is administered by an organisation whose members take turns taking care of the Cottage as its hosts, hence the facility is open only at weekends and on summer and winter holidays. The hostel offers 40 beds in dormitory rooms. Tourists are free to use a kitchen with an old tiled stove and a dining room. The Cottage can be reached by car. Hikers can take a cottage trail from the red trail from Rycerka Górna to Rycerzowa. The route starts in the

vicinity of Urówki and runs through the hamlet Stawiska. For several years now Danielka has attracted fans of tourist songs and sung poetry to the Danielka Touristic Student’s Song Festival, reactivated in 2013.

635 m.a.s.l.

Beds: 40

Self-catering kitchen

You can't pay with a card

Dogs are allowed


  • Former palace of the Habsburgs in Rajcza and the Shrine of Our Lady of Casimir with an icon donated by king John Casimir.
  • Geo-Park Glinka in Ujsoły with swimming pools, a climbing wall, a zip line, a rope park, and other attractions.
  • Forest Stronghold [Polish:Leśny Gród] in Milówka, with several thousand plant species, inhabited by numerous species of fish, birds, and wild animals.
  • Museum of Kysuca Village – a folk park in Slovakia, where visitors can see a watermill, a little church, even over 100 year-old cottages furnished with old household appliances, as well as the Vychylówka narrow-gauge forest railway with tourist rides.


czerwony from Rycerka Górna (railway station) to Urówki and subsequently the cottage trail – 2 h


  • from Rycerka Górna (railway station) to Urówki and subsequently the cottage trail – 2 h